Winnipeg Data Recovery

ReStoring Data has proudly served its Winnipeg data recovery clientele for the past decade.

Winnipeg Data recoveryReStoring Data’s award-winning team treats every data recovery case as if its own vital data is on the line. Our fully-equipped, cutting-edge serves clients in all of Manitoba, the Land of 100,000 Lakes, including those in Winnipeg, the Gateway to the West, and those in nearby MB cities, such as Brandon, Dauphine, and Selkirk.

We proudly provide our Winnipeg data recovery clients with a local drop-off centre (Unit A, 730 - Century Street). Conveniently situated in the heart of Winnipeg just off highway 90 between Sargent Avenue and Wellington Avenue, this central location has efficiently served our Winnipeg data recovery clientele, as well as those in its surrounding cities, such as Brandon, Dauphine, and Selkirk, for the past decade.  

This drop-off location will happily accept your damaged device on our behalf. We then receive instant notification of your submission and arrange for its shipment to our lab, all at no expense to you*.

We are passionate about providing you with unparalleled data recovery service, so distance should never be a factor in your decision. If our Winnipeg data recovery location is inconvenient for you to visit, we will gladly arrange for your device to be shipped with a pre-paid waybill. This pre-investment in your recovery demonstrates our commitment to successfully recovering your data (no matter how extensive the damage may be), as we are a 100% performance-basedcompany.

As soon as your device arrives at our lab, our expert technical team will perform an in-depth, no-obligation evaluation in order to accurately determine the full extent of the failure, as well as the amount of work necessary for recovery. The evaluation will be promptly emailed to you, and no work will be done until we have your approval to move ahead. The price we quote you is firm and will never change, even if the circumstances do.

Upon a successful recovery, you will be emailed a file list containing the data that has been extracted from your device. As we are a 100% performance-based company (No Data, No Charge), we commit to always exhausting all possible procedures to recover your data, or there is no charge to you. We will then transfer the data onto your spare drive and ship it back to your home or business.

Don’t take chances with your valuable data. Contact us today.

* Devices that have been previously tampered with will be subject to a $50 evaluation fee, unless submitted directly to our lab.


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