Second Attempt Recovery

Don't give up hope! ReStoring Data can get you back up and running again even if others can't!

Second Attempt Data Recovery

When your data appears to be permanently lost, or has been deemed "unrecoverable" by another data recovery company, you may not be ready or able to move on. The lost data could contain years of valuable accounting information, irreplaceable family pictures, or important documents. When your data is irreplaceable or cannot be recreated, the experts at ReStoring Data are here to give your data recovery a second chance.

Data recovery has the highest rate of success upon the first recovery attempt. This is why choosing the right company for the first attempt is essential. Unfortunately, not all cases are recovered on the first try. Our second attempt data recovery service assists clients whose hard drives have been previously opened or tampered with, or who have already sought out data recovery services without success. Using specially developed proprietary tools, our technicians are often able to recover data that was previously deemed unrecoverable. This includes recoveries from any storage media devices (all brands of hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, mobile devices, and Solid State Drives), interfaces, operating systems, and capacities. This service gives you a second chance at recovering your data because sometimes you just can't take no for an answer.

Second Attempt Fee

Offering specialized second attempt services for our clients requires increased resources: labour, parts etc..., as there is often greater damage to the device after the first recovery attempt. Any technician will have to move backwards with the recovery (determine what was done) before they can move forward. Therefore, we must charge an additional 50% compared to our regular pricing structure and add $50 for the diagnosis. Upon a successful recovery, this fee is applied to the total charge and can be waived entirely if the device is shipped directly to our lab.

Why Choose ReStoring Data's Second Attempt Recovery Services

ReStoring Data can drastically increase your recovery odds, second attempt or not. Our engineers exhaust every possible recovery option by using a wide variety of hardware and software solutions (some are proprietary) that other data recovery companies lack, including accessing your data at the lowest level (sector level) possible. This often results in previously "unrecoverable" data turning into a fully usable copy of what was lost. Our lab is equipped with the industry's highest quality data recovery tools and is constantly upgraded through investment in Research and Development (R&D).

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