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Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics

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Our certified specialists have years of experience working with all types of devices to search for digital artifacts. This allows us to offer a wide range of award-winning, comprehensive digital forensics services for individuals, legal professionals, private investigators, and corporations. We take pride in the meticulous work we do uncovering electronic evidence that we can preserve and analyze. We perform a structured digital forensic analysis by acquiring, processing, identifying, and validating the data in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. It is not enough to just dig out files and show them, we take the next step to explain what the digital forensic evidence means to your case.

Each digital forensic case receives specialized care tailored to meet its unique circumstances. We ensure that all relevant forensic methods are utilized so that any possible digital evidence is recovered, analyzed, and expertly presented while keeping the integrity of the original data intact. Combining a variety of industry-recognized forensic tools and proprietary data recovery techniques, our specialists create a cryptographically verified copy of every file then search for usage records, specific keywords, deleted data, and any suspicious activity as needed for the case.

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Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

Digital artifacts are automatically stored by the operating system, hidden from the user, and are difficult to permanently erase. Our forensic analysts use industry leading tools to seek out those digital artifacts to answer questions central to your case.

Digital Forensics

Mobile Forensics

Smartphones and tablets hold more important personal information than ever before. Texts, photos, app data, and more can be retrieved in a forensically sound manner, even after deletion. Many questions about a device’s history can be answered conclusively by our trained and experienced analysts.

Digital Forensics

Drone Forensics

Drones hold a surprising amount of information about their flight paths and pilot. Regardless of model, our team of specialists can report on information like where the pilot has flown previously, where it was piloted from, and ultimately, the pilot’s identity.

Digital Forensics

Expert Testimony & Review

Forensic analysis can come up with complex results which may require in-court expert testimony. Restoring Data can make its analysts available to testify about their work on your case if it goes to trial. Our thorough analysis and detailed record-keeping will withstand cross-examination and confidently explain the processes we used.

Digital Forensics

On-Site Forensics

When data needs to be collected on a live system, an Anton Pillar order has been made, or time is of the essence, our analysts can come on-site to acquire crucial data. Our ability to conduct forensically sound data extractions any place, any time, can be a significant benefit to your case.

Digital Forensics

Additional Forensic Services

Our forensic services encompass virtually any device that can store data electronically. This includes devices like GPS navigation systems, drones, and gadgets belonging to the so-called “Internet of Things.” Our in-house analysts are well-versed in JTAG and chip-off procedures to get data out of storage that is otherwise inaccessible.

Digital Forensics

Our Competitive Advantages

As a data recovery industry leader, we have the advantage of and unique capabilities to extract digital evidence from virtually any digital device, even from catastrophically failed ones. Our state-of-the-art data recovery lab is always utilized when evidence-based digital devices are maliciously or unintentionally damaged (i.e. water damaged phone, dropped hard drives, broken flash drives, etc.). While other digital forensic firms would have to send the device out for repair, causing additional costs and delays, with ReStoring Data you can be confident that the entire work is performed in-house, which, in addition to making the service efficient, it ensures that the chain of custody is preserved.

Our business model includes regular investment in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. Digital forensics, like all information technology, will rapidly grow and expand; that is why we prepare our analysts for the next advancement that will affect your case. Whether it is a hardware or software based tool, we constantly add new reverse-engineering and research projects to the pipeline. This allows us to better serve future clients with newfound proprietary knowledge. The latest example of this is our major investment in the development of a new proprietary tool that can forensically extract data from drones, then present it as evidence.

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Our Digital Forensic Process

From start to finish, our experts keep your evidence forensically sound by following best-practices. Here is an overview of the steps we take to find the answers you need:

Initial Consultation

In person, or over the phone, a forensic analyst will conduct an interview to get information we need to ensure we have a full picture of the scope of work. We are then able to provide a good-faith quote for the forensic services we will provide for your case.

Evidence Acquirement

Submitted devices will be photographed and catalogued then forensically copied and verified with a cryptographic hash function. Your devices are always stored under lock-and-key with chain-of-custody records.

Data Analysis

The data is processed by industry-proven forensic tools using parameters configured unique for your case. If data is inaccessible for any reason, we will apply data recovery procedures right away.

Files and other items of evidential relevance are recorded with comments from the analyst explaining why that item is important.

Forensic Report

A complete report, with optional an expert opinion, will be authored. All technical metadata potentially relevant to your case will be included with exhausting detail.

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