DROBO BeyondRAID Recovery

BeyondRAID DOES NOT equal Beyond Recovery at ReStoring Data!

Drobo Recovery Service

No one can deny the advantages of a Drobo system. It is an exceptionally smart system that is easy to use and overall reliable. Unlike traditional RAIDs, you can use different capacity drives in a Drobo unit, expand the system however you see fit, and not worry about the drive order. However, any good thing comes with some limitations, and with Drobos, it is its recoverability once it fails for any reason.

The main challenge of a Drobo is its unique BeyondRAID proprietary technology. It is so unique that it is essentially like handling a different file system, which adds another logical recovery layer to the equation. Normally the Drobo tries to repair itself by relocating the metadata and tweaking the parameters of the file system. However, sometimes this process cannot be completed properly as critical metadata ends up being shifted around amongst all drives.

Currently, data recovery and computer forensics companies alike cannot rebuild Drobo arrays on a PC. It can only be done through the Drobo box. This is a problem when the Drobo is physically degraded as there is no access to the box at all.

Why Choose ReStoring Data's DROBO Recovery Services

Due to our intensive investment in research and development and the vast experience we have gained working on many Drobo cases, we have developed a one-of-a-kind tool that allows us to disconnect all drives from the Drobo box and reconnect them directly to a PC.

What our proprietary Drobo RAID recovery tool does is simulate the Drobo box which allows us to work on the drives directly. It creates a sector by sector image of the Drobo which then allows us to manually restore the file system and ultimately extract the data.

We have been able to successfully recover data from Drobo systems that were previously considered unrecoverable and have been remotely recovering data from Drobos for other data recovery companies worldwide.

With a proven Drobo recovery track record, we are one of the very few Drobo data recovery service providers officially listed by Drobo Inc., and the only one in Canada!

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