Additional Forensic Services

A wide array of digital forensic services is available to suit your needs; here are just a few:

GPS Forensics

GPS Forensics

Vehicle navigation devices store important information that can be essential for an accident investigation. We can extract pertinent information, such as the exact locations the vehicle was driven at as well as the speed, altitude, direction of travel, bookmarked coordinates, and more. This service is normally provided to the RCMP, ICBC, or an individual who was involved in a car accident that is being litigated.

Internet of Things Forensics

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new reality in homes; electronic gadgets increasingly make use of wireless internet to provide new and exciting functionality. These devices often store data that may corroborate or prove important facts in a case. Examples of IoT data that can be stored include: when people were home, what happened in the house, or who left the door unlocked. Let our R&D team examine your IoT devices for their potential to provide digital evidence to your case.

Certified Data Copying and Hashed Imaging

Hashing a drive, its files, and even the physical sectors of the platters, are some of the most important steps needed to show the court that the copies of files being presented as evidence are the original article. By applying a cryptographic formula to a file, we determine a string of alphanumeric characters that are the unique fingerprint for that file. We can therefore show the court that the file being presented in evidence has not changed because if anything in that file were to have changed, even one bit in a trillion, the fingerprint would not match. Evidence gathered without proper hashing records risks being rejected.

If you think your device may be involved in a legal case, and need proof digital evidence will not change, we can provide a certified data copying service for the device and its files which will attest to their state at that time. This will allow you to keep using the device without worrying about future legal issues related to data being altered over time.

While this service is offered on its own, it is a required standard of our digital forensic analysis services.

Secure Data Destruction

In some cases, it may be required that a party or law firm needs to shred files stored digitally and prove it was done in a forensically sound manner. Hiring an expert to independently accomplish this technical task will ensure the data is unrecoverable by any means possible.

With modern techniques, it is not required to smash a working device to wipe its data; there are forensically accepted methods we use to guarantee data is destroyed properly, without resorting to the obsolete practice of taking a hammer to it in the court parking lot.

After we securely destroy your data, we provide you with a report detailing the exact technical procedures used to both wipe the drive and verify the result.

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