Flash Recovery (Memory Card / USB Thumb Drive / SSD)

If your flash-based device is physically damaged, or your data has been accidentally deleted or formatted, we can help!

Memory Card Recovery

Media storage devices such as memory cards, USB thumb drives, hybrid hard disk drives, and solid state drives all work on flash-based technology. This technology is lightweight, portable, and very convenient for today's on-the-go culture. However, like any electronic media, and due to their small size and frequent use, flash drives are especially vulnerable to failure. Our innovative team has years of experience recovering data from all flash-based products including camera memory cards, solid state drives (SSD), USB thumb drives, and more.

Physical failures on flash-based devices can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most commonly it is the result of normal deterioration of the memory chip or corruption of the firmware. Electrical errors can also cause a physical failure, spreading from the camera, USB port, or card reader, to the flash drive. Some symptoms you will experience are error messages, complete inaccessibility, or a discrepancy between the shown capacity and its actual capacity. In these situations, software recovery will not be possible. It will require an expert to either fix the firmware, and/or work directly on the memory chip (aka ‘chip-off recovery’).

Logical failure occur when flash-based devices have been accidentally formatted, deleted, or their file structure has become corrupt (often, as a result of the device being ejected improperly). The media is still considered to be healthy, however the data is no longer present or accessible. In these instances, it’s important to avoid using the device in any way to give any specialist the best chance for a successful recovery. Saving new data on the device following a format or deletion will usually result in the previous data being overwritten.

ReStoring Data specializes in recovering digital photos and data files from:

 Secure digital (SD) cards
 USB thumb drives
 Compact flash(CF)
 Smart media(SM)
 Memory sticks(MS)
 XD memory cards
 Multimedia cards(MMC)
 And more!

Why Choose ReStoring Data's Flash Media Recovery Services

One of the most pressing challenges the data recovery industry has faced is the shift from magnetic and mechanical digital storage technology to flash based media. Flash technology is non-standardized, which means that the memory chip itself (where your data is stored) is often built differently from one manufacturer to the next and even in various models of the same manufacturer.

Determined to overcome this technological hurdle and develop a sustainable and lasting solution, our lab had focused its R&D resources and developed several highly complex recovery tools and techniques, including for the infamous monolithic ones, commonly found in micro SD cards. This has dramatically increased our success rate by allowing us to access the data directly from the NAND memory chip itself (a procedure known as ‘chip-off’ recovery) and often reverse engineer the flash drive's controller.

Considering the complexity involved with inaccessible SSDs, memory cards, and USB sticks, we are proud to be one of the very few companies offering true physical data recovery these devices. As we are completely performance based, you can rest assured we always exhaust all recovery methods to ensure the best recovery of your data.

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